My art is a reflection of my inner landscape. I let my heart and my soul direct my brush and I fill my paintings and creations with love. I am guided and inspired by Spirit, Nature and Mother Earth and all the beauty and colour that surrounds us every day!!!

I hope you enjoy your journey through my blog as I have enjoyed each creation.
With love and light, Belinda

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Law of Giving

I just finished this piece.  
"Breathe in the abundance all around you. Now breathe out, gifting your abundance to the world".

"This is the rhythm of life, its vital circulation. Giving and receiving originate in each other and thrive in balance. Together they form a great circle, rising in a spiral motion. One of these cannot exist for long without the other. Giving that is not continually sourced in receiving exhausts itself. And receiving that does not flow again into the world stagnates. Both must be in motion".

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