My art is a reflection of my inner landscape. I let my heart and my soul direct my brush and I fill my paintings and creations with love. I am guided and inspired by Spirit, Nature and Mother Earth and all the beauty and colour that surrounds us every day!!!

I hope you enjoy your journey through my blog as I have enjoyed each creation.
With love and light, Belinda

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Retreat

Ive just been on retreat for a month at the Clyde River Retreat in NSW. A blissful month full of meditation, art and nature. The first weekend I was there Will Baker held a weekend course on earth energies that was great and very informative. We connected and learned to "feel" the grid lines of the earth, portals and vortexes. Will runs the retreat centre there but you can go and have your own self-directed retreat there any time aswell.
I just wanted to focus on self-healing and clearing of karmic debris and more fully integrating my higher self, which I managed quite successfully to do. Through tuning in to spirit I learnt new techniques to heal the self on the cellular and emotional levels, and to clear the residue from the physical body.
My days were spent in meditation and self-healing aswell as connecting with the nature spirits and also doing some painting. I had several commissions to do while I was away which flowed out of me very easily in these surroundings. They will soon be finished and posted here also.

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