My art is a reflection of my inner landscape. I let my heart and my soul direct my brush and I fill my paintings and creations with love. I am guided and inspired by Spirit, Nature and Mother Earth and all the beauty and colour that surrounds us every day!!!

I hope you enjoy your journey through my blog as I have enjoyed each creation.
With love and light, Belinda

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tree of Abundance

This is a new piece I created for a client!!

I really like the side panels where the background is golden behind the little trees and the way the dragonfly and butterfly came out.


  1. Hi Belinda,

    BEAUTIFUL PIECE!! Where can I by a print of this wonderful image?


  2. Hi Giovanna, you can buy a print on my website Cheers!!

  3. hello, may i use the image of your 'abundace tree' for the profile picture for a group called 'creative abundance' i just created on face book? the group is intended as a free sharing of knowledge to improve quality of life for everyone,
    thanks, Jenna
    my email address is

  4. Hello Belinda,
    You are a true visionary. My heart smiled when I saw your work. It embodies true wisdom and creativity. I would like to use it on my facebook page. I make natural and organic skin care that is prepared with superfoods that grow on this beautiful planet of ours.
    I would give credit to your work ofcourse. It would be an honor to present it to my followers and customers on the natural path.
    Please visit my facebook page at
    I can also be contacted throught the facebook page, or my email at
    Wishing you beautiful days in New Zealand and hope to visit this magic land one day soon.
    Thanks for the love and inspiration you share.