My art is a reflection of my inner landscape. I let my heart and my soul direct my brush and I fill my paintings and creations with love. I am guided and inspired by Spirit, Nature and Mother Earth and all the beauty and colour that surrounds us every day!!!

I hope you enjoy your journey through my blog as I have enjoyed each creation.
With love and light, Belinda

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gesso & Texture Paste

Gesso or texture paste is such wonderful stuff to create your texture with. Its an acrylic medium that is alot thicker than paint and it dosent shrink as much. You can just use it as your texture coat or you can put it over other textural techniques to blend your layers together and create your painting surface.

You can apply gesso with;
  • Brushes

  • Fingers

  • Spatulas

  • Forks

  • Corrugated card

You could try anything and see what sort of effect you get, there are no rules. After applying the gesso you can then smear it around or scratch into it or add some sand or rice or even scratch words into it before you leave it to dry.

I basically create my whole painting in the textural layer. It gives the work so much more depth when I go to apply colour and opens up endless possibilities, its so much easier and more effective than working with a completely flat surface.


  1. great tip - I will be trying this!!


  2. Belinda I can't wait to try this! I've never used gesso before. I found this blog after doing a Google image search for gesso and your 10 samples caught my eye. Beautiful colors, great textures.

  3. how do u use u put the paint first then the sand and then the gesso or the other way around

    1. You can poor some gesso into a small tub that you can put a lid on and add sand to your gesso I would rather do it that was to stop the sand from coming off your art

  4. Wow fantastic i only just started using gesso and paste on my art. I love your style I myself base my art on spiritual essence I work with the moon and nature as my main inspiration and I can't wait to try your tips out thank you and may the goddess bless you

  5. I was drawn to you because of a Pinterest picture under "tutorials". I LOVED the beautiful colors you had as your base under ? Gesso. How did you get those remarkable colors? IS there a tutorial?

    1. Soft pastels can give you strong color but it needs to be set to stop from smearing I use a home made gel medium made same as gesso but less paint and powder more PVA glue witch is what I use but I know others like inks and spray inks and many other mediums it about working with what you know and like hope this helps